Current Projects


Negatives: Jane LeRou thought that the most trouble photography could get her into was getting her kicked out of Catholic school, and that was more a reward than a punishment. Now she can reconnect with her best friend, Megan, and get reacquainted with the newly returned Glenn, bassist for a local metal band and Jane’s childhood friend. When Jane sees what appear to be ghosts in photos she snaps of Aster and Cyrus Diego, she realizes the enigmatic siblings are hiding more than anyone suspected. And now she’s drawn their attention…

Apertures: The sequel to Negatives. As a freshman at the San Francisco Art Institute, Jane struggles with her fears regarding photography and the growing distance between her and Glenn now that Black Blood Moon has been signed. Over Christmas break, while visiting Megan in Boston, Jane discovers that her problems with the supernatural are far from over, and those she thought she was free of are as bound to her as ever.

Obscura: The sequel to Apertures. With the help of the Obscura, Jane can control her powers, but are they just using her? And what use is control if she can’t undo the damage she’s already caused?


Going Greek (previously Initiation): The day after her initiation into the sorority her absent mother joined in her college days, Chloe wakes remembering nothing but dreams of frenzy and violence, and a young man she tried to kill. As she delves deeper into the sorority’s secrets and her own hidden heritage, she decides she wants out, but Maenad are sisters until death…


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