Who the hell am I?

I’m a writer. I’ve been writing off and on most of my life but decided I wanted “to be a writer” by 12 years old. Ever since then I’ve been writing, taking writing classes (I got a bachelors in English at UNH), and steadily improving.

A couple years ago, my friend Kris and I started passing a story back and forth as a writing exercise. That story became our novel, The Trident of Merrow. You can find out more about that at our page, Tavern Tales from the Laughing Maggie.We brought it out in paperback and on Kindle but took it down while we look for a professional editor to really give it a good polish. We’re planning on a few sequels eventually.

In the meantime, I’m still working on my own stuff while working a day job. I have a novel, Negatives, still pre-publication, and its sequels, Apertures (which has nothing to do with Portal, by the way) and Obscura. I also have some short stories and novellas I may release at least on the Kindle as inexpensive downloads. Stay tuned for that.

This space is just for me to go on mostly about my own writing (I’ll try and keep it to that) as opposed to my projects with Kris.

I mostly write and read young adult fiction and have a fascination with the supernatural, the occult, dystopias and post-apocalyptic worlds. I love romance but not romance novels. My vampires don’t sparkle, my boys are bad and angsty and golden-hearted and my heroines kick ass. My bookshelves are aching and even my Kindle has a huge backlog.

I told a friend once when he asked what demographic my writing aims for: “I don’t aim, I just land.”

Besides Tavern Tales…, I’m on Twitter @talesofaquan, and on Goodreads.


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