Amber’s Goodreads review of Cold Steel by Kate Elliott

Cold Steel (The Spiritwalker Trilogy #3)Cold Steel by Kate Elliott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A wonderful end to an amazing series. Just like with the other two, I was riveted from beginning to end. I love how three-dimensional the characters are, and the witty things they say and the daring things they do. I really came to care for them all throughout the series. There are definitely a wealth of strong female characters, which I think makes this an excellent read for young women (and anyone, really).

My only complaints about this one:
-Cat does go on and on about how handsome Andevai is. It’s first-person and she’s hopelessly in love (dare I say infatuated) with the husband she’s finally come to accept and welcome, but it does get tiresome to read how absolutely inflamed she gets just noticing how well his clothes fit or the muscles in his back when he’s shirtless, etc.
-If I read one more time about Vai’s “fabulous dash jackets” I’d have an aneurysm. WE GET IT.

Other than those minor details, though, the whole series was awesome and this volume is no exception. I love how things tied up in the end, especially Cat’s one last clever trick. Clever, clever girl.

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~ by Amber on August 12, 2013.

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