Quick update between book reviews

So, you might be wondering what I’ve been up to aside from occasionally finishing a book. ;p Well, I have finals next week for my first semester of baking and pastry arts at SNHU. Meanwhile, I’ve been slowly doing the latest revision, chapter by chapter, of Negatives and sending them out to some friends of mine to beta read. After I’ve made all the changes I want to make, I’ll send them to Kris, who’s just finishing up another semester himself and is editing for me.

After that? When it’s all good? I’m thinking of putting it on Smashwords. For free or for 99 cents or even 50 cents or however low they’ll let me go. I’m not looking for the bestseller list. I think I’d have to homogenize too much and I’d rather go niche. I don’t think I’d even want fame. So many people with opinions come find you and stick their needles into you when you’re known. I just want to share what I’ve done and hopefully gather a small group of loyal minions… ah, I mean fans ;).

More news when things happen!


~ by Amber on April 24, 2013.

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