Current projects page updated

I’ve updated the Current Projects page to include Obscura. I also added my Twitter feed in the sidebar, as I seem to update that more than I do this, even as infrequently as I post there also. I swear I’d be more active on here if I had the free time to play on the Internet like I used to :p As it is, I am managing to get a little writing in.


It’s a busy time of year, though. Having less money means more handmade gifts, and I usually do a lot of those anyway because I like to craft. Still, hard to work it in. Good luck to everyone else in that situation. Though there are lots of people who seem to get their Christmas shopping done by August, I don’t know of any crafters or artists who isn’t scrambling all of December to get gifts made.


I still haven’t yet managed to write a children’s book for my niece (who’s turning four this weekend, actually!) despite being a writer. What kind of writer am I, right? :P Someday I’ll get a great idea and do it. Or I’ll just have to wait until she’s old enough to read my YA novels.


Speaking of “what kind of writer am I?” I know I quit NaNo but I’m sure some of you made it. How’d it go? Do you feel like you have a draft you can work with? Or was it all just a fun ride but nothing you think you’d use? Remember that you should still save it in the idea pile: you never know what phrase or character or scene you might be able to stick into something else or spin an entire story around. :)


If I don’t get on here again prior, Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Atheist Kids Get Presents Day!


~ by Amber on December 7, 2012.

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