The new situation

You might notice that I haven’t been putting up any new exercises. There’s a reason for this: now that I’m employed, I’m not home all day, so the time I am home gets taken up by things with higher priority, like chores, meals, and spending time with my husband.

However, I’ve still been writing daily! I end up having about half an hour in the morning between when I’m done getting ready for work and when I have to actually leave for work, so usually I’ll scrawl out a bit of crap that’s either been kicking around in my head or in response to an actual prompt from my little prompt book or elsewhere.

So here’s what I’m going to try and do: keep on doing that, and once a week (probably on the weekend, unless we have an extremely busy weekend) I’ll pick the one I like most, type it up (and therefore rewriting it and fleshing it out/cleaning it up some) and post it.

The one I’m doing right now has to do with (and spoils) Negatives, which isn’t out to be read in any form yet, so I’m not sure if I’m going to put it up. I apologize.

Now a confession: I’m going through another of those phases where I couldn’t care less if I ever get published, picked up by an agent, or even read. Every time I read something (on the same level as those perky “you have to keep scrabbling your way to the top all the time!” bullshit things I see on Pinterest all the time… or saw, rather, when I had time for Pinterest) about promoting your work or taking charge of your writing career or, “what are you doing TODAY to blah blah blah” I want to extend both middle fingers far beyond their capabilities. It’s like in high school when they urged us to “participate more” to look good for colleges and whatnot. Screw you, my inner rebel says. I have more important shit to care about right now.

For me, it’s all about the writing anyway. I’m gonna keep doing this whether anyone cares or not and I’d rather put the effort into the writing itself instead of flogging the shit. It’s becoming painfully obvious to me lately that the only thing that sells is wank-fodder for the bored housewife or the sheltered virgin and while I COULD write some of that and make bank, success would be hollow and unsatisfying. So screw it. I’m doing what I want and I’m choosing to step off the success hamster wheel right now and just enjoy myself.


~ by Amber on July 1, 2012.

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