Exciting news and some excuses

Sorry there haven’t been any posts for a couple of days. Yesterday I was completely preoccupied and today I wrote something, decided I didn’t want to put it up, and as I type this now I’m working on something else but I don’t think it’ll be ready to put up today. It may be by tomorrow, depending where it goes. That’s the thing about writing pieces: they run off and you just have to follow them and see where they end up.

So, big news: I have a job! :) I start on the 25th. So while I’m going to try and still write a bit every day, I might not be able to. I know, make time, all that, but you know how life is sometimes.

Kris thinks I should try and write some short pieces for submission to some paying markets, so that’s something I might do at some point. Also, one of my friends pointed out to me that a new agent has come on the scene, so we may try querying her about The Trident of Merrow. It’s self-pubbed but that doesn’t exclude it from a publisher picking it up, maybe putting it through some professional editing and revision. We’ll see.


~ by Amber on June 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Exciting news and some excuses”

  1. ~Best wishes! :)

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