Amendment to that last post re: fangirls

Okay, I said I’m a fan girl, but I think I must be only a level-one fangirl (where one is the lowest level… don’t laugh at me, there are things like “ensign first class” that mean top, not bottom). This is why: in my meanderings online looking for more Loki fan stuff to squee at, I found some gals much crazier than I could ever be. Alls I do is daydream, maybe write a fanfic, look at art and pics, and squee.

For instance, I don’t:

  • care to know about the size, girth, or disposition of anyone’s penis, either on its own or in comparison to others
  • blog about my complete mental breakdown and how this guy being so cute is ruining my life
  • talk earnestly about how I plan to actually meet and make Tom Hiddleston fall in love with me
  • go into creepily intimate detail of what I want to do to the guy (or what I want him to do to me)
  • get mad when actor who plays a character I love turns out to have a girlfriend or wife (or make/join pages or groups whose sole purpose is hating these poor women)
  • make these.

I feel you, ladies, but you are creeping me out. o_O

In unrelated news, I’ll be putting up another story tomorrow. This time it’s just a sort of silly thing I wrote from a prompt. I’ll explain in the post. Until then, watch out for them fangirls. ;)


~ by Amber on May 17, 2012.

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