Storytime resumes

I went to an event last night in Portsmouth, NH with Sam, a meeting of the New Hampshire Creative Club , about “Self Publishing 101.” We heard from three speakers on the subject: novelist Lee Richmond on how publishing has changed since he published his first novel in 1972, publisher Peter E. Randall on the ins and outs of self publishing, and marketing expert Jamie Wallace on demystifying (and de-terrifying) marketing one’s work.

I’m not going to go over everything that was said (though I do have to type up my notes and send them to Kris later) but the things that were new info to me were really all the stuff about marketing, and one of the things that struck me as something I could do and something I need to do is blogging more often and more consistently.

I’m one of the people who equated marketing with sales, and I hate sales. Most creative people do. We hate saying, “Hey, buy my thing.” But what Jamie talked about was connecting with the audience and getting them into your work, getting them enthused about it and keeping them engaged.

On the way home, Sam and I were talking about our projects and I told her how Apertures, not even a complete first draft yet, is stuck. Not sure what to do with it, what direction to go with it, just mired all over the place. I considered going back to “Going Greek,” and Sam said, “I think you should start something new.” New? I usually wait for divine inspiration to hit me… or for Kris to give me a “homework assignment.” Or for an exercise I write to really take off. Okay, I can totally do something new, in the same way I’ve been conducting my search for a day job: sow a bunch of seeds and see what sprouts.

So I’m going to start doing writing exercises again. For now I’ll say “once a week at the least” because sometimes life gets busy, and sometimes stuff falls flat, so I don’t want to commit to “daily.” But at least once a week, I’ll put up a new post, and a new short story or flash fiction or piece I wrote. Rough, first draft, unedited (relatively), unrevised, just a thing I did. What I hope this will accomplish is that it’ll get me going, that people might be interested not only in seeing some of my writing but seeing just what a shitty first draft looks like. All the finished or mostly finished pieces I have started out as something quite different. Maybe one of you will see one of my pieces of dashed-off crap and go, “I could write that tons better.” And then you’ll go do that and blow me out of the water. Cool.

It’s kind of scary. I have a story I wrote today that I’m so head-over-heels in love with that I’m actually kind of afraid to show it to anyone else. But I will, because that’s part of why I write: to show it to people and hope they like it too.


~ by Amber on May 16, 2012.

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