Time to invest

Kris and I got our first finished book review by an indie reviewer, 3 stars of 5. I thank her for her honest and thorough review, but I spent most of yesterday in a bit of a funk wondering if we should have hired an editor.

Editing services are expensive. Even at Amazon’s cost of a fraction of a cent per word, at 80k+ words it adds up to over a grand. But in light of the reviewer’s comments about our “diamond in the rough” (she actually said that, which is kind of a compliment, eh?) I’m wondering if it would’ve been worth it. Clearly, passing the manuscript between us, reading it aloud, having friends comb through it for errors, etc. does not cover it well enough.

The problem with reviewing your own work is that sometimes you don’t see errors that would smack any other reader upside the head. Then when someone points it out to you, you go, “how the hell did I miss that?”

Anyway, it’s pretty much too late for The Trident of Merrow. Once you’ve published it, you have to stop revising it, unless you want to release a “revised edition” later, but even though it’s almost as easy to publish (and republish) on Amazon as uploading your story to a site like Fiction Press, constantly uploading edits is a cruddy thing to do to customers who are paying money for what they think is a finished work.

So I have a plan: I’m pulling Negatives together, a novel I wrote on my own (though with much idea and editing help from Kris and others). One of my friends wants to proof it, so I’m going to send it to him, but then I’m going to start saving up for Amazon’s mid-level editing service. It’ll be $0.016 per word at a total of just over $900. Then I have a friend who has a degree in graphic design and is a talented artist who has expressed interest in designing the cover for me. The cover for The Trident of Merrow I did myself, and while I am artistic and have limited training, I want to call in the bigger guns for this. I’m not saying we did things wrong with ToM necessarily, but this time I want to make a real go at doing it right.

It’s much more constructive than giving up on getting published (I’d never give up on writing. I’d more likely just go back to writing for myself and not trying to get it published).


~ by Amber on December 30, 2011.

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