Amber’s Goodreads review of At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft

At the Mountains of MadnessAt the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tired of not really getting an idea of what those monsters look like because Lovecraft’s protagonists keep going insane as soon as they catch a glimpse of it? Curious about the origins of the Old Ones? Shoggoths? Want to know what makes Shoggoths so terrible that even horrors from beyond the stars are terrified of them? This is the read for you.

The narrator of this one can sometimes be vague, evasive, dancing around the point, all over the place, and takes forever to tell us what’s really going on, but we get a lot of background information about the Old Ones and their ancient society when the narrator discovers an impossibly ancient city among the wastes of the Antarctic. Lovecraft is, as always, great at descriptions of setting and atmosphere. Some of the more technical areas may be pretty boring (this is supposedly an account of an Antarctic scientific exploration mission), and you might want to wring the narrator’s neck and tell him to just spit it out already (not to mention roll your eyes every time he says “those mountains of madness” *cue melodramatic tone*) but definitely educational for anyone interested in Lovecraft’s lore.

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~ by Amber on December 20, 2011.

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