“Initiation” becomes “Going Greek” and the rewrite begins… again

I’ve been struggling with “Initiation” a bit, and after some great brainstorms from Kris I was truly stuck. As I tend to do, I merely let it roll around in my head while doing other stuff and wait for something to snap into place. In the meanwhile I decided I’d just continue my current rewrite just to get somewhere, because nothing says you can’t just write out every possible direction and pick one afterward. Writing is a Choose Your Own Adventure where you can look ahead to the outcomes and then pick the right one ;)

So on the way home from a friend’s birthday party last night I heard “The Animal” by Disturbed on the radio and just listening to that with one part of my brain and turning things over with another I figured out how to refigure the plot in a way that’s satisfying to me and I think will work.

I just started this morning and have a little over 1000 words written so far. I can’t say it’s gold but it’s a start, and if I can keep going on this tack without having to scramble it around again I’d say that’s a success.

Also, I’ve changed the title to “Going Greek” at Kris’s suggestion because I wasn’t liking “Initiation” and it is about both Maenad and a sorority.


~ by Amber on November 13, 2011.

One Response to ““Initiation” becomes “Going Greek” and the rewrite begins… again”

  1. Indeed, the new title sounds better, perhaps due to the fact that it contains an alliteration. Good luck !

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