Amber’s Goodreads review of Cold Fire

Cold Fire (The Spiritwalker Trilogy #2)Cold Fire by Kate Elliott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A very satisfying sequel that gave me a lot of what I wanted (not nearly enough Rory but enough Andevai to make up for it) and ended in a place that makes me ravenous for the third and final installment (Cold Steel, coming out not nearly soon enough). I really loved getting to see a new and very different part of the world than what we saw in the first book. The introduction of fire mages and how their magic works was very interesting, as well as learning more about “salters,” victims of a zombie-plague-like illness. And, not to get too political, but reading about the “radicals” and their political struggles hit home considering what’s currently going on in the US with the Occupy movement.

Some of the things I really love about this book and the entire series:
-rich cultural, historical, and mythological detail
-very three-dimensional characters with great personality
-a strong and likable yet flawed and human main character also with a great personality. This is a biggie for me, since even in my own writing it can be a lot more difficult to make the main character interesting enough and well-rounded enough, either as the narrator or the main lens through which everything is seen. For it to come through this well in the oft-used and oft-misused first person point of view is stellar.
-strong and varied female characters that have close personal relationships with each other. I believe this is one of the much touted requirements of strong, well-rounded female characters in fiction.

And, no spoilers, but I’m very happy with chapter 31, and after you read it, definitely go to and read the extra “chapter 31.5”. Mature content warning, though ;)

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~ by Amber on October 26, 2011.

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