Fertile ground

You may recall I mentioned my plan to clean up “Initiation” and release it on Kindle as a 99 cent download. Well, there’s a kink in the plans, but it’s awesome.

Samantha, one of my besties whom I’ve known since middle school, agreed to give it a read-through. She’s not big on the paranormal romance genre so she turned out to be the perfect reader, as she could give it a critical eye. I knew “Initiation” needed work, but as I re-read it myself I realized it needed a lot of work, and hoped Sam could steer me right.

Today I got an e-mail from her with so many good ideas that I realized the idea of this already-too-long-to-be-a-short-story becoming anything less than novel-length might be a longshot. Sure, if I apply all my powers of brevity and minimalism (something that I fell in love with as a student but never had naturally) but I feel like I really ought to just go at it without restriction and expectation and see where it goes.

So yeah, I might end up with another novel, oh noes and all that. :P

Tonight is my writing night since my husband is in class until late. I can’t wait. I think I’ll approach it fresh: have the old doc and the e-mail open for reference, but I’m going to start from scratch. Maybe I’ll even write it on paper if I freeze up on screen.


~ by Amber on October 13, 2011.

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