Block busted

It’s amazing: when I need to revise something, I’ll know that a piece needs work but I can’t figure out what until a friend points it out, then it’s so goddamn obvious. I feel like I’ve been walking around without my glasses on, not realizing until my friend hands them to me, and then all of a sudden everything looks so clear.

This is why having beta readers or writing circles is so important. Sometimes I can be so stuck on a plot point and one tiny suggestion puts enough of a crack in the rock that the stream can push through.

Samantha read through “Initiation” for me, and hasn’t even given me all her suggestions yet, but the one she gave me already has made my brain flood over with ideas (yes, I’ve been jotting them down so as not to lose them). It regarded something I suspected but on such a low level that it hadn’t made it through to my conscious mind, I guess. It’s strange how that works; it’s like my brain isn’t sure until someone else reaffirms it. “Did I really see that?” I think to myself, until someone else says, “Did you see that too?”

Heh, now my problem is I want to work on it now, but being that I have a day job to attend to (and my writing day this week is being used as a social day so I can hang out with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile) I guess I’ll have to just sit, stew, and jot stuff down. My husband has homework most nights, so maybe I’ll just have to sneak some time in when he’s busy.

See? The droughts always end :) Sometimes I just need a little help from my friends.


~ by Amber on September 27, 2011.

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